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Dr Anthony Okeke New Era TherapistDr. Anthony Okeke, DPT, MS, OCS, PT, C.Ped graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in 1980. He completed his Advanced Master’s degree in 2001 from Seton Hall University with major in physical therapy and Biomechanics. He also went ahead to complete his doctorate degree in Physical therapy at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey (UMDNJ) in 2005.
Upon graduation Dr. Anthony rigorously pursued a Specialist Board Certification program in Orthopedic Physical therapy which he completed in 2007. This credential was only held by 100 physical therapist in the whole of NJ as of 2007.

His quest for sub-specialization in orthopedic lead him to train as a Pedorthist at Eneslow Pedorthic Institute in New York. Dr Anthony subsequently became a Board certified Pedorthist.


Anthony Okeke has more than 33 years experience as a physical therapist that span from 12 years in an Orthopedic Hospital and 17 years at Kessler Rehabilitate center in NJ. Dr. Anthony Okeke has a specialist niche in conservative management of Disc Herniation of Cervical and Lumbar spines, including stenosis.

Dr Anthony had the singular privilege of taking a three graduate credit course on Patellofemoral Syndrome with emphasis on kinetic chain connection of lower extremity and Biomechanics.

Dr Anthony Okeke is privileged to be the only Physical therapist in the state of New Jersey who is also a Pedorthist. My clinic combines the principles of Physical therapy, Biomechanics and Pedorthics in management of Musculoskeletal conditions. Dr Anthony believes that the evaluation and treatment of musculoskeletal conditions of lower extremities are not complete without assessing the possible related biomechanical dysfunciton of the feet/ankles

The application of Pedorthic principles compensates for the biomechanical dysfunction with customized orthotic and accessories.

Diabetics with insensate feet also benefit from Pedorthic services in our clinic.


Dr Okeke has wide range of experience and training in academics and clinical practice
In addition to offering patients the newest techniques to treat sports injuries and orthopedic disorders, Dr. Okeke continues to remain on the cutting edge through research and education. Dr. Okeke has single-handedly conducted researches on the biomechanics of shoulder injuries and gait in Human performance laboratories that are awaiting publications in scientific journals. Some of the researches include;

1. The effects of carrying book packs of varied weights on selected gait parameters of school Children aged 8-13 year old using Gaitrite.

2. The effects of thoracic Kyphosis on Arthrokinematics of scapular of patients with shoulder impingement syndrome with video motion analysis.

3. Systematic literature review of the effectiveness of McKenzie methods in the management of lumbar disc herniation.

4. Systematic literature review of the effectiveness of mechanical lumbar traction in the management of Non-specific lower back pain.